Who are we?

DiarioBitcoin is an independent information medium specialized in Bitcoin, advances in Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and other forms of digital money.

DiarioBitcoin is impartial with respect to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and does not respond to the interests of any political, economic, or governmental platform. Our mission is to be the leading Media in everything related to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies for Spanish readers around the world.


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We will give you advice about the most convenient options according to your requirements:

Telegram: Martín Mende

Email: anuncios@diariobitcoin.com

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Site Statistics

Most of our users have higher education degrees, most of them are 25-44 years old from the Spanish-speaker world.

Visibility Facts

Domain Authority 59
Alexa rank 41.381
Search impressions: +3,000,000 /mo
Newsletter: 35.000 subscribers

Social media:
Facebook: 61.200 followers
Twitter: 193.000 followers
Telegram: 4480 followers
(Updated Nov. 2022)

Publishers for:
Factiva® – Factiva - Dow Jones




Marketing Options


Press Releases – $350

Catch Media attention so they can opt to publish or spread your work announcing your events, promos, prizes, new products and services, financial data, achievements, news, etc. We will expose all the information in a press release format. We share every PR with 230,000 followers on our social profiles.



Sponsored Articles – $550

Send us your own content where you can implement editorial freedom, with texts, links, images, etc. This includes tutorials, reviews of products/services, or other types of articles.

We share every sponsored article with 230,000 followers on our social profiles.



Guest Articles – $750

Articles not marked as sponsored, published with an author or company as a “Guests” (In Spanish: Invidatos), outside of our sponsored section, with exposure on our homepage. Editorial rules apply.

Articles published outside of the regular sponsored sections such as “Press Releases” and “Sponsored Articles”, published with an author or company as “Guest”. Attention: editorial rules apply and carry the following disclaimer:

“‘Invitados’ is a commercial content section of DiarioBitcoin for brands and advertisers with distribution on their digital platforms. This content was produced by an advertiser and DiarioBitcoin was not involved. DiarioBitcoin does not give investment advice or recommend the products or services mentioned, and any loss is at your risk. Do your own research before investing any money in any of the projects or companies mentioned.”


artículos de invitados




‘Genesis Block’ – $650

Our special sponsored space gives you the opportunity to build a strong link profile and be featured with high visibility on our homepage. A mix between an article and a banner.





‘Special Delivery’ Newsletters – $950:

We offer sponsored special delivery newsletters to our entire database, with promotions, campaigns, and other marketing material. We also share these campaigns on our social media profiles: Facebook and Twitter.

mockup newsletter

mockup newsletter

mockup newsletter



‘Special Mention’ Newsletters:

We can include special mentions in our periodic newsletters (they are sent about 3 times a week). We include a design with a title, link, and color image that contrasts with the rest of the content completely in black and white. They can be sent monthly or on a one-time basis.

mockup newsletter


Analysis section – $1,100:

Sponsorship of our market price analysis section that publishes up to about 3 times weekly. The sponsorship consists of a logo with a link at the beginning of the note and a banner at the end of it, as you can see in the example below.














Price: $1100 /month. You can check availability here: Diariobitcoin.com/time-base


Link Insertions:

We publish link insertions in this format, with buttons:


We can also include a paragraph of text with the “Sponsored” tag:



Buttons: $400 /year. Paragraphs: $500 /year.

In the case of a list, the last one to publish is placed in the first/top position. You must tell us in which article or link you want us to insert the button or paragraph. Everything must be approved by our editorial team.


Other details:

Our publications are in Spanish. Texts in English are translated for an additional flat fee of $25. We can also write content, we charge $50 for regular articles and we can agree on a fee for writing reviews and tutorials, according to each assignment. High-resolution images with specific Copyrights should be provided with the text of the article in both cases, sponsored articles, and press releases.

Articles don’t have an expiration date, we can agree on a specific publication date, and sponsored publications get the same exposure as our articles in the media and social networks.

  • We might charge a surcharge for certain types of content like gambling or adult content at our publisher’s option.



Buttons and special placements – starting at $400/mo

We have special locations, ideal for coin purchase buttons. These are located in our ‘Crypto markets’ section, one of the most visited on the Website, with advanced information regarding prices and the market. They can be located in the general section or currency by currency.


1. ‘Criptomercados’ section:

You can locate buttons on our coin pages or on the central price page for all currencies. Look at the following screenshot to see an example.


Main page

(e.g.: https://www.diariobitcoin.com/criptomercados)




Coin pages

(e.g.: https://www.diariobitcoin.com/criptomercados/simbolo/?token=DOGE)





2. Homepage / Category Sections

Color promotional button on the front page of the website:


3. Homepage / All Sections

Color promotional button next to our coin’s ticker:







Promote your brand or company with permanent visibility and receive visits from our audience directly to your website.

We offer banner ads on top and Inner content positions [contact us for current pricing] with a minimum amount of $400 to establish your marketing campaign, serving all of the following sizes:

728×90, 970×90, 300×250, 300×600, 250×250, 320×50


Payment options

We accept any of these payment methods at your convenience:

As of February 2022, DiarioBitcoin.com will no longer accept fiat currencies as a form of payment.
No more wire transfers, no more Paypal, only crypto.


Contact us

We will give you advice about the most convenient options according to your requirements:

Telegram: Martín Mende

Email: anuncios@diariobitcoin.com

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