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Telegram: Martín Mende

Email: anuncios@diariobitcoin.com

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Site Statistics


Our primary target audience is comprised of individuals with higher education degrees, the majority of whom are between the ages of 25 and 44, and who come from the Spanish-speaking market.

This demographic represents a highly skilled and active group that can be attracted to high-quality, value-added products and services.

By targeting this audience, we can harness its potential to maximize our market presence and profitability.

Domain Authority 60
Alexa rank 41,381
Search impressions +3,000,000 /mo
Newsletter 35,000 subscribers

Social media
Twitter +198,200 followers
Facebook +64,000 followers
Telegram +4,500 followers
(Updated Apr. 2024)

Syndicated in Factiva® – Factiva - Dow Jones






Marketing Channels

Press Releases, Sponsored Articles and more


Press Releases – $350

Maximize media exposure and increase the likelihood of coverage for your events, promotions, prizes, product launches, financial announcements, milestones, and news updates by leveraging our comprehensive press release distribution services.

Our press releases are formatted to meet industry standards and are optimized to capture the attention of journalists, influencers, and key decision-makers.

With a reach of over 230,000 engaged followers across our social media profiles, we offer a powerful platform to showcase your brand and drive meaningful engagement.


Live Press Release Sample.

Contact us today to publish your press releases.



Sponsored Articles – $550

Leverage the power of our platform to showcase your brand and reach a vast audience.

Submit your custom content and take advantage of our editorial freedom to include text, links, images, and more.

Whether it’s a tutorial, product review, or industry insight, your sponsored article will be published to our platform, providing a valuable opportunity to engage with our highly-targeted audience of 230,000 followers across our social media profiles.

Drive brand awareness, increase visibility, and build credibility by leveraging the power of our sponsored content solutions.

Live Sponsored Article Sample.

Contact us today to publish your sponsored articles.



Genesis Block – $650

A mix between an article and a banner.

As a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for the spanish-speaking crypto sector, we are proud to offer our clients a unique and impactful opportunity to build their online presence and drive meaningful results.

Maximize brand exposure with our sponsored space solution. Features a prominent article-banner blend on our homepage, elevating visibility and building a strong link profile.



Live Bloque Génesis Article.

Contact us today to publish your Genesis Block article


Guest Articles – $750

At DiarioBitcoin we are proud to offer our readers a platform for diverse perspectives and thought-provoking insights through our guest author program. Our guest authors, identified as such on our site, are given the opportunity to share their expertise and ideas with our audience through articles that are not limited by sponsorship guidelines.

These articles, prominently featured on our homepage, undergo strict editorial review to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and relevance. By providing a space for guest authors to share their expertise, we are able to enrich the discourse and promote thought leadership within our industry.

Guest Articles are not marked as sponsored, published with an author or company mentioned as “Guests” (In Spanish: “Invitados”).

Guest articles are published outside of the regular sponsored sections such as “Press Releases” and “Sponsored Articles“, published with an author or company as “Guest”.

Attention: editorial rules apply and carry the following disclaimer:

“‘Invitados’ is a commercial content section of DiarioBitcoin for brands and advertisers with distribution on their digital platforms. This content was produced by an advertiser and DiarioBitcoin was not involved. DiarioBitcoin does not give investment advice or recommend the products or services mentioned, and any loss is at your risk. Do your own research before investing any money in any of the projects or companies mentioned.”


artículos de invitados


Live Guest Article Sample.

Contact us today to publish your Guest Articles.


Other details:

Our publications are in spanish.

Texts in English are translated for an additional flat fee of $25.

We can also write the content for you, we charge $50 for regular articles and we can agree on a fee for writing reviews and tutorials, according to each assignment.

High-resolution images (up to 1200×800 and under 150kb) with specific copyrights should be provided with the text of the article in both cases, sponsored articles, and press releases.

Articles don’t have an expiration date, we can agree on a specific publication date, and sponsored publications get the same exposure as our articles in the media and social networks.




‘Special Delivery’ Newsletters – $950

Leverage the power of our extensive subscriber base and enhance your marketing reach with our sponsored newsletter program.

Deliver your promotions, campaigns, and marketing messages directly to our entire database.

Take advantage of our presence on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram, where we will share your campaigns with our active followers, amplifying your brand exposure.

Example of a Sponsored Newsletter

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative marketing solutions.


special delivery newsletter



‘Special Mention’ Newsletters

We can include special mentions in our periodic newsletters (they are sent about 3 times a week). We include a design with a title, link, and color image that contrasts with the rest of the content completely in black and white. They can be sent monthly or on a one-time basis.

mockup newsletter



Analysis section – $1,200

Maximize your brand exposure and reach your target audience through our market price analysis section sponsorship.

Our section, which publishes up to three times weekly, offers a prominent logo placement with a link at the beginning of each analysis and a banner at the end.

Be a part of our informative and trusted market insights and take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote your brand.

Check out our example below and reach out to us today to learn more about this opportunity.

analisys section

Price: $1200 /month.
Check availability


Link Insertions

Enhance your marketing strategy with our highly visible link insertions, designed to captivate your audience with prominent buttons.

Reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website through our impactful and effective link placement.

Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


We can also include a paragraph of text with the “Sponsored” tag:



Buttons: $400 /year. Paragraphs: $500 /year.

In the case of a list, the last one to publish is placed in the first/top position. You must tell us in which article or link you want us to insert the button or paragraph. Everything must be approved by our editorial team.




Buttons and special placements – starting at $400/mo

Maximize your conversion potential with our strategically placed coin purchase buttons in our highly trafficked “Crypto markets” section.

Our advanced market information and up-to-date pricing data attract a large and engaged audience, making it the ideal location for your coin purchase buttons.

Choose from placement in the general section or currency-specific locations for a tailored and impactful marketing experience.

Reach out to us today to learn more and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.


CriptoMercados (Crypto Markets Section)

You can place buttons with your brand’s logo (16×16) on our coin pages or on the main prices page for all currencies.

Coin pages

(e.g.: https://www.diariobitcoin.com/simbolo/DOGE)

Main Prices Page

(e.g.: https://www.diariobitcoin.com/criptomercados)



Homepage / Category Sections

Color promotional button on the front page of the website:


Homepage / All Sections

Color promotional button next to our coin’s ticker:



Social Ads

Pinned messages on social media

Our profiles have millions of combined monthly impressions.


Prices: (3 days minimum)

  • Twitter: $100 per day.
  • Facebook: $70 per day.
  • Telegram: $50 per day.

Contact us today to scheduled posts on our social media channels.
mensajes fijados en redes




Sponsored videos on Reels

Sponsored ads – $30 – place a 4 seconds long ad or clip at the end of one of our vertical videos, minimum 10 videos ($300).

Shared on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

Required: a png image of 1080×1920 px or 1080×1920 4 second mp4 video clip.

Watch a sample sponsored Reel 4 second sponsor message towards the end of the video



Maximize your brand exposure with permanent visibility through our premium banner ad spaces.

Receive direct website traffic from our engaged audience. Choose from top and inner content positions and select the size that fits your needs:

1200×742, 728×90, 970×90, 300×250, 300×600, 250×250, 320×50.

Invest in your marketing campaign with a minimum spend of $400 and see the results. Contact us today to get started.


Premium Banners

Receive direct website traffic from an engaged crypto audience with these premium options. These are the most visible banners on our website.

Footer Sticky

Premium “sticky” banners in the footer of the website. Marketed per campaign with a minimum spend of $400, in CPM modality or by fixed prices per week or month. (Prices according to inventory/impressions availability).


Scripts or images, of the following sizes:

728×90 unique size
728×50 desktop
320×30 mobile



Large Rectangular Banner

Premium banner in a large rectangle that is published on each page of the site, including several times on our homepage. Marketed per campaign with a minimum spend of $400, in CPM mode or fixed prices per week or month (prices according to availability of inventory of impressions).


Scripts or image, of the following size: 1200×742 single size.


Square Banner - Rectángulo grande



Payment options

We prefer payments in crypto

If you need to pay with fiat money we’ll accept only Paypal but we’ll add a processing fee on top of the final amount



Who we are

DiarioBitcoin is an independent information medium specialized in Bitcoin, Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and other forms of digital money.

At our company, we maintain a neutral stance on cryptocurrency adoption and are committed to impartiality, free from political, economic, or governmental influence. Our priority is to deliver unbiased and objective services to our clients.

Our vision is to empower Spanish-speaking communities globally by being the foremost media authority in the world of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. We strive to deliver comprehensive and informative content to keep our audience informed and ahead in the rapidly evolving digital currency space.



Contact us

We will give you advice about the most convenient options according to your requirements:

Telegram: Martín Mende

Email: anuncios@diariobitcoin.com

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